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Why You Should Be on the Lookout for Fleas and Ticks


We tend to associate fleas and ticks with our pets. And it’s true, these little insects find your furry friend a great place to call home. But what happens when your pet comes indoors? Are fleas and ticks a problem for your household? We are here to answer these questions and address the problems that could occur when fleas and ticks decide to inhabit your home environment.

They Bite

First things first, it is highly unlikely for fleas and ticks to enter your residence without the escort of your pet. It is likely that if you don’t treat an infestation early on that your dog or cat’s health may begin to decline over time. Fleas and ticks bite their hosts, so it is common to see excessive itching, which results in hair loss, skin irritations and even flea allergy dermatitis.


They Carry Disease

In addition to the dermatology issues that fleas and ticks can cause your pets, the diseases they carry can affect the rest of your house, as well. These diseases vary depending on where you live, but the most common are Lyme disease and Borreliosis. Ticks rank second in disease transfer, right after their bloodsucking relatives, the mosquito. Therefore, it is important to keep in eye out for both them and fleas to ensure your family and pets stay healthy.


They Don’t Only Live on Your Pet

One of the most common questions associated with fleas and ticks is whether or not they will inhabit the rest of your home after Buster or Precious has brought them indoors. The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Once fleas and ticks enter your home, it is typical for them to quickly seek safer shelter, a.k.a your carpet, rugs, bedding and furniture. And, although fleas and ticks are typically more active during the warmer months, they can comfortably live in your home all year round.


So now the question is how do you prevent and combat the flea and tick problem in your home? Our best recommendation is to hire is a professional pest control company like Dustin Pest Contol to spray both inside and out for fleas and ticks.

Written by Denise

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