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What Are The Worst Pests In Your Home?


We think it’s fair to say that most homeowners want their house to be a bug-free zone. However, we also understand this can be a challenging task to maintain year round. It is not uncommon to see the occasional fly in your home. And while we wish we could say that all other pests are as harmless as flies, that’s not the case. Here is a list of pests you do not want in your home.


Bed Bugs

While bed bugs aren’t the most destructive pest when it comes to your home, they are differently a headache to get rid off. Bed bugs multiply quickly and love to call your mattress home (hint the name). Oh, and did we mention they bite? Bed bug bites are often red, itchy and painful. They are one bug you don’t want anywhere near your home.



The only thing worse than a bug that bites is a bug that can sting. Because wasps live in nests, it is more likely to find them outdoors. However, you still need to keep an eye out for them. Wasps will build their nests near water sources, which means it is common to find them near your garden or patio. Nothing ruins an outdoor BBQ quicker than some uninvited guests.



What could be more destructive to your home than a bug that eats wood? Unfortunately, the termite wins this one by being pests that are quick to multiply and hard to spot. Termites will quickly eat through the wood in your home, weakening the wood’s original structural integrity. Unfortunately, they are very common, causing billions of dollars in damage every year.


In order to ensure you home is not only protected from these terrible pests but all unwanted pests, call Dustin Pest Control!



Written by Denise

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