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Why Are There Ants in My House?

Ants carrying leftover breadcrumbs on the kitchen counter with blurred background

Once summer rolls around, ants can become quite a nuisance. They are an important part of our ecosystem but can become unwanted, destructive pests once they infiltrate our living spaces. If you are currently dealing with an ant infestation, contact Dustin Pest Control to see what options you have for treatment. Ants in California Carpenter […]

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How to Truly Get Rid of Mosquitos

mosquito on skin of person

Finding a permanent solution to a mosquito infestation can be tough, but not impossible. Through the use of professional-grade traps and sprays, professional pest control companies can set up effective shields against infestation, while also treating a current outbreak of mosquitoes. How Do You Know if You Have a Mosquito Infestation? Mosquitoes will typically lay […]

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How to Prevent & Treat Mosquito Infestation

Mosquito eggs resting on the surface of a garden pond

Mosquitoes can become quite a nuisance during the summer months when you want to relax outdoors. Not only are they annoying, but they can also potentially carry life-threatening viruses. Taking the proper steps to protect your home from mosquito infestations is crucial, and if you notice a current infestation, it is important to deal with […]

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Different Bug Phobias

For some people, insects can cause serious distress. This level of discomfort may come from a phobia. A phobia is an anxiety disorder caused by excessive fear of an object or a situation. People can have phobias on many different things, but many individuals have phobias of certain types of bugs. Here are some of […]

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