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Try These 5 Things to Keep Ants Out of Your Kitchen

Ants crawling on chip crumbs on a kitchen counter.

Ants are the ultimate scavengers, and their presence in your kitchen can be more than just irritating. While some ants may seem harmless enough, they can also contaminate our food and create a major infestation. However, there’s no reason to worry — we’ve got you covered with five things to keep ants out of your kitchen!

1. Seal Doors and Windows

Ants, like any other creature, will try to find a way indoors. Unfortunately, due to their size, these pests can easily enter your home through small gaps. That’s why some homeowners will say the best way to get rid of ants in your kitchen is to seal any cracks or gaps in your doors and windows with caulk or weatherstripping.

2. Eliminate Scent Trails

When discussing five things to keep ants out of your kitchen, we have to mention the importance of eliminating scent trails. That’s because ants leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow to a food source.

The best way to get rid of ants in your kitchen is to clean up any spills immediately and wipe down surfaces with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. It’s a good idea to clean your kitchen countertop, the sink, and the stove regularly. Also, make it a habit to do the dishes before you go to bed. This will eliminate the scent trail and prevent ants from finding their way to your kitchen.

3. Keep Pet Food Secure

Ants are attracted to any food source, including your furry friend’s chow. These pests are generally attracted to sweet and sugary substances, and many pet foods contain ingredients that fit this description. For example, these products can include corn syrup, molasses, or other sweeteners that can entice ants. Additionally, wet pet food can ferment, creating a sweet aroma that attracts ants.

So, what is the best way to get rid of ants in your kitchen if you have a few furry friends? Simply put, you’ll want to keep your pet’s food in an airtight container, then clean up any spilled food or splashed water as soon as possible.

4. Use Boric Acid

There are many useful things to keep ants out of your kitchen that you can try — including boric acid. All-in-all, boric acid is a highly effective and natural way to eliminate ants in your kitchen. Mix equal parts of boric acid, sugar, and water to create a paste. Place the mixture in areas where you’ve noticed ant activity. The ants will be attracted to the mixture but will die upon ingestion.

5. Repel With Lemon Juice

If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of ants in your kitchen but want a quick, easy remedy, consider lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural ant repellent. Squeeze some around doorways, windows, and any other entry points to your kitchen. You can also mix lemon juice with water and spray it onto surfaces where you’ve noticed ant activity. This will hopefully keep the pests at bay.

Contact Our Ant Control Professionals Today

Ants are small insects that have fascinated humans since the beginning of time. They’re known for their incredible strength and hard-working behavior. At the same time, these tiny creatures can become a nuisance when they invade our homes and, specifically, our kitchens. 

Keeping ants out of your kitchen is all about prevention and elimination. Additionally, knowing about the different ant species can also be helpful in preventing infestations. For example, carpenter ants are known for nesting in moist and decaying wood. You’ll want to check your home for any areas of damage or moisture to prevent them from overrunning your kitchen.

Now that you know about these five things to keep ants out of your kitchen, hopefully, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen ant-free. However, if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to call Dustin Pest Control for professional ant control services!

We’re proud to offer a broad range of services to protect your home against all kinds of pests, from ants and termites to mosquitoes, in Fresno, CA, and beyond. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Written by Dustin Pest Control

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