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Winter Pest Prevention Tips


We might think about certain pests like mosquitos most during the summer, but don’t forget about pest prevention this winter season. Cooler temperatures mean that pests such as rats, mice, and other rodents will come to find warmth in your home. Fresno winters can be very wet and cold, which means that pests are searching for somewhere to stay warm and dry. Practice these tips to keep pests out this winter.

Seal Your Home’s Holes, Gaps, or Cracks

This winter, inspect the outside of your home to make sure you don’t have any holes, gaps, or cracks. Rodents and pests will enter your home through these holes and begin to make additional tunnels. By sealing these holes, pests will not be able to get inside and make their new home.

Place Screen Vents on Openings to Your Home

Add screen vents over your chimney, attics, basements and any other opening to your home. By adding a screened vent, you cut off access to these areas that pests like to crawl through. This means they will stay ventilated, dry and keep the pests away.

Trim Your Plants

If you have shrubs, bushes or grass around your house, trim them to keep rodents out. Rodents like to hide in the warmth of these shrubs and eventually creep into your house. If you have trees hanging over your home, it is ideal to trim them so rodents do not fall onto your house and enter.

Throw Away Excess Trash

Trash sitting in or outside of your home invites pests and rodents in. Throw away and keep trash out of your surrounding areas to avoid inviting more pests this winter. If you have trash around your home, many rodents will continue to show up and seek shelter. Once the rodents find the source of trash, it could be too late – and you’ll then need to contact a winter pest control company.

Wintertime is filled with busy schedules and holiday parties, the last thing you want to worry about is pests living in your home. Winter pests can bring damage and even disease into your home. Stay protected this winter by going with the pest control Fresno homeowners trust. Contact the professionals at Dustin Pest Control today.

Written by Ryan

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