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Top 7 Common Myths About Pest Control


These days, it seems that there’s a nugget of common knowledge about every subject. When it comes to pest control, many of the tips that run rampant are actually myths that won’t help you keep the pests away. Here are some of the most common myths we hear in the pest control business.

1. Pest control starts when you have a problem.

Many people wouldn’t consider calling pest control unless they are currently facing a problem. But pest control should be similar to getting a tune-up for your air conditioner. With regular visits, you can protect your home year-round and prevent infestations and other pest problems.

2. Clean homes don’t have pests.

If you’ve ever faced an ant or cockroach infestation, you likely heard from friends, family or the internet that all you have to do is keep a cleaner house to avoid it in the future. This kind of advice can leave you feeling self-conscious about your home, but it’s untrue. Even the cleanest house can still be home to these pests as long as they have a steady food source.

3. Cats are great for keeping mice away.

Cats have long been kept as pets to keep mice out of houses and barns, but these days your furry companion can’t do much if you have a mouse problem in your house. If you’ve seen the classic Tom and Jerry, it’s easy to realize that mice can always go somewhere in your home that your cat can’t. Maybe getting rid of mice is best left to pest control experts.

4. If you can’t see pests, they aren’t there.

Almost every species of pest, from creepy crawlies to rodents, are good at hiding away out of sight. Some of the pests that are hardest to spot, like termites or bed bugs, can cause the most damage. That’s why the “out of sight, out of mind” method isn’t well-suited for monitoring your home for pests.

5. Pesticide is safe for children and pets.

It’s not a stretch to assume that pesticide used by your pest control professional is safe for the welcome members of your home. When used and applied properly, the pesticide we use to keep pests out of your home is safe to be around. However, it’s likely not safe for pets and children to play in the recently-sprayed area for some time afterward. Ask your pest control professional how long you should wait before letting children and animals loose after treatment.

6. Rats are dirty.

Rats are associated with filth and disease. While you wouldn’t want them in your home, either way, rats are actually impeccably clean. They spend over half of their time cleaning their space, and hives of rates even have separate, designated areas for taking care of their business away from the rest of their quarters. 

7. Bug zappers repel mosquitoes.

Bug zappers are a great way to keep pests that are attracted to light at bay. But if you’re using a bug zapper to kills mosquitoes then you should know that you won’t get the expected results. Since mosquitoes are neither drawn to light or repelled by it, your bug zapper will be ineffective at keeping them away.

For more information about pest control myths or to schedule pest control services, contact Dustin Pest Control today. We’re the pest control company Fresno trusts to keep pests away.

Written by Ryan

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