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5 Facts About German Cockroaches


These five facts about German cockroaches will be sure to have you dialing your pest control terminator ASAP! Read the facts about them below and consider calling cockroach control if you’ve seen any around your home.

1. They’re Scavengers

German cockroaches will eat just about anything, and they don’t need to eat much at all. In fact, they can live without food for about a month. However, they only need a few crumbs to fulfill their appetites.

2. They Don’t Fly (Thankfully)

While German cockroaches do have wings, they do not fly like some of their relatives. They may glide if startled, but their prepared method of fleeing is quickly crawling away.

3. They’re Attracted to Heat & Humidity

German cockroaches prefer climates that are hot and humid. So naturally, they will hide in the warmest, most humid areas of a home – such as places near the refrigerator, heated appliances, and hot water pipes.

4. One Female Can Lay 400 Eggs

German cockroaches are phenomenal breeders. In the span of a female German cockroach ’s lifetime (about 200 days), she can lay up to 400 eggs! These eggs only take about 50-60 days to hatch, too. So if any more females are born, that’s an extra potential 400 eggs! This is why it’s important to contact a pest control terminator to exterminate a German cockroach infestation before it gets way out of hand.

5. They’re Difficult to Kill

German cockroaches aren’t exactly easy to kill for these reasons:

  • They spend most of their time hiding, so you most likely haven’t seen any in your home recently.
  • They disperse to different places in homes frequently.
  • They detect and avoid pesticides.
  • The infestation may develop a resistance to pesticides.
  • The egg cases that the female German cockroaches produce to protect the eggs from pesticides. The female also carries and protects these eggs until about two days before they hatch.
  • As stated earlier, they reproduce quickly and vastly.

Exterminating an infestation of German cockroaches is not an easy job for the average person. There are many advanced strategies used in exterminating these pests that have a rather steep learning curve. Our advice when it comes to an infestation of German cockroaches is to contact a cockroach control service like us, Dustin Pest Control. If you have any issues with cockroaches or any infestation contact us today so we can get your home cockroach free.

Written by Denise

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