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What Are the Best Rodent Control Solutions?

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Yes, rodents are a considerable nuisance,  but did you know that an infestation can actually be disastrous if left untreated? These unwanted visitors can cause significant property damage, and transmit diseases to your family members and visitors. 

At Dustin Pest Control, your family’s safety is our main priority. We want to ensure you have the most updated information about rodent control solutions to protect your home and loved ones.  

Are There Rodents in My Home? 

Here are a few signs that indicate rodents in the home: 

  • Rodent droppings: Look closely for rodent droppings around foods, in the kitchen corners, under sinks, and inside cabinets. 
  • Nesting materials: Shredded paper and fabrics around your home can be an indication of nesting rodents.
  • Noises: Rodents are often small and light, and their sounds are faint, but when the house is quiet, it’s possible to hear them inside the walls or in the attic. Listen closely for scratching, scurrying, or squeaking at night or in the early mornings. 

What Do I Do Now? 

If you suspect rodents in your home, here are a few steps to help control the problem: 

Remove Rodent Attractions

Rodents will seize any opportunity to cohabitate with you and your family, and the first step should be to remove anything that attracts them to your home. Secure any food items and eliminate any debris in the house that these pests may use as shelter: 

  • Secure or remove any food in your home in unsealed containers.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. 
  • Place pet food into a secure container, and avoid leaving water and food dishes out overnight.
  • Remove open garbage cans, or change them more frequently. 
  • Repair leaky pipes or faucets, as they can be a water source for your unwanted visitors. 

Eliminate Access Points 

If you already have rodents in your home, you definitely don’t need more! You’ll want to seal any potential entry points on your property to help ensure no other pests can gain access. 

Seal up: 

  • Any holes close to doors leading outside.
  • Any holes near windows or in window screens. 
  • Any gaps in cabinets or closets. 
  • Any gaps around pipes.
  • Any cracks in the foundation of your basement. 
  • Any attic ventilation holes. 

Rodent Control Solutions  

When you have removed the attractants and eliminated access points to your home, it’s time for some effective rodent control. You could look at a combination of measures, depending on the severity of your infestation. 

Rodent Traps 

Rodent traps are an efficient control method that helps you dispose of pests immediately. 

Traps can be especially helpful because they allow you the determine the efficacy of your rodent control solutions by providing concrete evidence of captured pests and more accurate numbers. 

Here are a few types of rodent traps available in stores today:

  • Snap traps: Snap traps are a common type of trap that uses a trigger system and spring-loaded bar to catch rodents. 
  • Electric traps: Electric traps lure rodents into a chamber, where they are delivered a fatal electric shock. These traps are usually designed with no-touch, no-see disposal, and contain safeguards to ensure that pets and family members are safe from shock.
  • Glue traps: These sticky traps use an adhesive glue board to trap rodents. The tacky surface prevents pests from escaping.
  • Live-catch traps: Live-catch traps trap, but don’t kill, rodents. These traps are effective; however, they involve handling live rodents. Remember, it’s vital to release any trapped pests far away from your home to prevent them from returning.
worker in a protective suit cleans kitchen area under sofa with spray gun to get rid of rodents in house


A rodenticide is a blend of different types of poison that is used to kill rodents. Although effective, it’s essential to be cautious when using rodenticides; they are lethal to any animal or bird that may accidentally ingest them. 

The risks of improperly using rodenticides can include: 

  • Pets could become acutely or fatally ill from eating rodents that have ingested the poison, or the rodenticide bait. 
  • Predatory birds and animals could become acutely or fatally ill from eating rodents that have consumed the poison, or the rodenticide bait. 
  • Children may mistake the rodenticide bait for treats or food, and could be accidentally poisoned. 

Professional Help

Professional rodent control services are a great option to help rid your home safely of unwanted visitors. If you would like additional help or advice with rodent issues, contact Dustin Pest Control


Rodent control solutions cannot prevent pests from accessing your home in the future. The only permanent solution is preventing further access to your home and property, and eliminating rodent attractions like food and water. 

Here are a few additional tips to help keep your home rodent-free: 

  • Avoid bird feeders in your yard, as they provide food for rodents and other pests. 
  • Keep barbecues, grills, and other outdoor cooking areas clean. 
  • Store food on shelves in structured containers. 
  • Ensure the lid of your garbage can is tightly sealed. 
  • Keep stovetops and kitchens clean. 
  • Rinse food containers and beverage cups before disposing of them. 

If you need more advice or rodent control services, contact our fantastic team at Dustin Pest Control. We want you and your family to feel comfortable and safe in your living space!

Written by Denise

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