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Pest Control Tips for Apartments


“Home sweet home!” We all want that feeling, right? You probably don’t want pests thinking the same thing about your apartment. Apartment pest control is something that is tricky yet doable. You won’t have to worry about unwanted guests with the help of these pest control tips.

Don’t leave out food or water sources

A lot of pests are constantly looking for a place to reside that has easy access to food. Having food out on your counters or any open food containers is a one-way ticket to infestation. So make sure you put away your food before any bugs or animals try to help you tidy up. Along with food, pests are attracted to water. Make sure to check under your sink, around your toilet, near your shower or anywhere there may be still water or moisture.

Check your doors and windows

Pests are constantly looking for a dry location, especially during bad storms. There may be openings to your home that you are unable to see, but there are some big entryways you do have control over. While you go get groceries from your car or crack the window for some fresh air, just remember it only takes a second for a pest to fly or scatter its way into your apartment.

Check your furry friends

Bugs, such as fleas, attach themselves to a blood source and can slowly migrate and populate your apartment. During a nice walk in the park, it is possible for some pests to hitch a ride on your pet. So when you get back, you may want to give them a nice fur check. You’ll be doing you and your furry friend a favor.

Don’t delay the problem

If you see a pest in your apartment, chances are it is not the only one. There are many signs to tell if you have an infestation such as pest waste, little bite dots on your skin and unusual smells. The worst thing you could do is to wait for it to get worse before getting help. The sooner you see the signs and taken care of it, the less chance of pests taking over your apartment.
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Written by Ryan

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