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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Not all cockroach treatments are created equally. Some can be unsafe for any pets or small children who don’t know not to touch or interact with the chemicals. Before you run to the store for roach spray, there are some natural, home remedies to help get rid of cockroaches you can try.


Let’s start with the simplest possible solution. Make sure you’re not regularly leaving out food or water sources. Roaches are typically drawn to these, and eliminating the source could go a long way to eliminating the problem.

DIY Cockroach Repellent

One home remedy to consider involves boric acid, flour and sugar. Mix the three ingredients together, equally, until it turns into a dough and is somewhat tacky. Roll the dough into balls, and set them out overnight – scattered around your home. The job of the flour and sugar is to bring in the roach, while the boric acid is meant to kill them. The best places to leave the dough are common areas where you have seen the roaches lurking around before – places like under your couch and in cabinets or drawers. Once the roaches have fed on the dough, you can easily sweep them up and throw them out!

Most people assume cockroaches are only attracted to homes with clutter and areas with left-open food boxes – but they can make themselves at home anywhere. Something as simple as a leaking pipe or grocery bags sitting in the back of a cabinet could make your home a haven for a family of roaches.

Seal Your Home

Another popular remedy is sealing any cracks in your home. It may not look like a roach could get through some of these cracks, but trust us – they find a way. A professional can help find the main entry points and will be able to close them up for you. Some common areas are around your doors and windows, gas and plumbing lines and along the foundation or roof.

Prevention of cockroaches can only go so far. Unfortunately, it is very common to have problems with roaches in your home. Nothing will prevent a pest infestation like having professional pest control. For a long-lasting cockroach repellent, it is best to have your home professionally treated on a regular basis and have any entry points sealed up.

Are the home remedies just not doing it for you anymore? Contact Dustin Pest Control to get your house rid of any unwanted pests today.

Written by Ryan

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