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How to Coexist With Honey Bees


The honey bee is what scientists call a “keystone species.” Without the honey bee, our ecosystem and our food supply would change drastically. Honey bees pollinate many of our food sources, allowing us to eat apples, strawberries, broccoli and even help feed the meat and dairy industry with alfalfa. Living in harmony with such a vital species is required. Honey bees can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst to humans, so bee safety is key to co-existing.

Here are some things you can do to reduce the buzz and increase your safety, especially during bee season in the warmer months.

Avoid Perfumes and Bright Colors

If you smell like a flower and are dressed like one, there’s no doubt a bee will come to investigate. They’re looking for nectar, and you’re the closest thing they smell. Beekeepers typically wear white to avoid this. If a bee does fly near you, stay still and remain calm. Wasps and bees alike only sting as a defense when they feel threatened.

Be aware of what you eat outdoors

Drinking sugary drinks or eating fruit outside is basically asking for a wasp or bee to come by for a visit. Fruit, especially, attracts the wasps and bees that are more likely to sting. If you’re going to risk it, make sure you throw away any pits or peels as soon as you’re finished eating.

Call a professional to have unwanted bees removed

Your safety comes first, and you don’t need to take a baseball bat to a hive. Professional pest control experts are able to remove wasp and hornet nests as well as bee swarms safely and correctly. Nothing makes an insect with a stinger angrier than you damaging their home! So leave this work to the professionals.

Honey bees are vital to our ecosystem and food supply, but we also don’t want to risk being stung or have them buzzing around our house. Coexisting with the honey bees is key and it can be done safely. If you’re in need of bee removal, call the experts at Dustin Pest Control!

Written by Denise

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