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How Do You Know if You’ve Been Bitten by Bed Bugs?


Having a bed bug infestation can be tricky business. They get into a house by latching onto a purse, luggage or even clothing. Once they are in the house, they make their way to the perfect hiding spot, which is usually a bed.

To find out if you have a bed bug infestation, you must look at the bites on your skin.

Unfamiliar Bite

The first sign you may have bed bugs is that you wake up with bites or marks that you did not go to sleep with. Bed bugs typically are active at night and bite when a person is sleeping. Similar to fleas and mosquitos, they have a long beak that they draw blood through – for roughly 3-10 minutes. It is painless when they bite, but eventually the bite location becomes an irritating and itchy welt.


Another sign of bed bugs is the location of the bite. Bed bugs will bite any area of exposed skin, whereas fleas tend to only draw blood from the ankles. If you notice bites on places like your arms and neck, they’re most likely from bed bugs.


Lastly, look at the coloring of the bite. Flea and mosquito bites have red spots in the center of the bite, whereas bed bug bites do not. Once you’ve determined there is no spot in the center, you can rule out other bug bites that are commonly mistaken as bed bugs.

After you’re positive that you have been bitten by bed bugs, it’s time to look at the bed. Bed bugs hide in groups inside any part of the bed, even the frame. However, the first place to look is the sheets: bloodstains, reddish-orange marks, small eggshells or a musty odor are all tell-tale signs of bed bugs. If any of these are present, chances are there is an infestation.

Do not try to treat an infestation by yourself. Make sure to call proper pest control services who can perform the bed bug extermination safely. Leave it to the professionals at Dustin Pest Control to handle your extermination needs!

Written by Ryan

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