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Can Termites Hurt You?


Termites aren’t known to carry harmful diseases if you happen to be bitten or stung. However, people who live in a house infested by termites may suffer from allergic reactions or asthma attacks from termite saliva or droppings.

Most people don’t see preventing termite infestations as an essential step in protecting their health. However, doing so can lower the risk of unwanted health issues. Some of these health risks associated with termite infestation can come from the chemicals that they use to kill or repel them, especially those who have asthma.

Termites help wood to decompose, which can eventually attract mold. The heat and humidity of the wood give the perfect environment for mold to grow inside the attic, ceiling and walls of your home.

Termite droppings, called “frass,” can look exactly like sawdust. You can spot this on the windowsills, edges of your floor and corners of your room. Be mindful that if you do happen to come in contact with it, there is a chance it could irritate your skin.

Initially, termites don’t want to bother anyone. In fact, they would rather be left alone to carry on about their business, eating your home, books and clothes from the inside out. However, the “solider” termite can sometimes bite people – but it’s very rare even when provoked. But if you are bitten, the bite can cause painful itching and swelling which can result in a rash.

If your home does become infested with these pesky critters, the best thing to do is to call a professional pest control company to come and resolve the problem. Doing a “do it yourself” fumigation can leave your home with noxious fumes, which can be harmful to your pets and family. A fumigation uses lethal gas to exterminate pests within a closed area. Professionals can either seal the structure with plastic or tape, or they can enclose the structure in a tent of vinyl coated nylon tarp.

If you have any questions about termites or termite treatments, call Dustin Pest Control today.

Written by Denise

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