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Building Your Home? These Materials Are The Most Termite Resistant


Termites can wreak devastation on your home and your wallet. These pesky insects are often known as the “silent destroyer” because they can manage a lot of damage to your home before any signs of immediate harm. Termite prevention is cheaper and can be reassuring to you as a homeowner because you know your home is protected.

Prevention when building a new home can help defend against a termite infestation, but it is not always foolproof.
When you have a termite problem in your home or want to safeguard against it, make sure to call the best pest control in Fresno – Dustin Pest Control. Here are some ways to guard against a termite invasion when building your new home.

Cement and Stone

Using cement and stone in place of wood when building your home can increase resistance to termites. Termites love to eat wood and will go to great lengths, like burrowing below stucco or mortar to get to the wood beams, to satisfy their cravings. Swap cement blocks for wood framing and use stone or a heavy-duty mortar on the exterior of the home to defend against termites.

Treated Wood

While treated lumber can be more expensive upfront in cost, in the long run, it can save you money by preventing an infestation. Treated wood should be used anywhere wood might be used in building a home. The chemicals that coat the wood stop rot, which makes it less desirable to termites and pests.

Termite Treatment

When building your home, a termite treatment can be applied to the foundation and any other exterior or wood structures before building begins. A foundation treatment has to be applied before anything is built on the foundation, while a framing treatment needs to be applied before any walls are erected.

While these tips are not guaranteed to protect your home from termites forever, they can help reduce the chance and put your mind at ease. Protect your home in the process of building it by calling the best pest control in Fresno – Dustin Pest Control.

Written by Denise

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