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Best DIY Ways to Naturally Prevent Pests


What are some natural ways to keep pests outside of your home? This is a common question asked in Fresno. Before calling a pest control company, try these quick and easy ways to keep pests out of your home and yard.

Seal The Gaps

There are many passageways in your home that pests can sneak through. You can examine your home, and seal these gaps with ease. Rats and mice are common visitors, due to the large open spaces they can come in through. Key areas to examine are the foundation of your home, doors, windows and any vents. Seal holes and cracks with adhesive-backed weatherstripping or an acrylic latex caulk. By sealing these areas, pests will no longer be able to enter your home and create hidden passageways.

Naturally Repel

Plants and herbs create a great atmosphere for your home, but did you know they also repel pests? Place herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint and basil, around your home. Plants like marigolds, citronella and lemon balm have a great aroma to humans – but not to these pests. These repel annoying pests, such as the many mosquitos in Fresno.

Defeat Their Homes

Pests, especially cockroaches, find homes inside of our cabinets and storage areas. Although under your sink may seem like a great place to store paper bags, this can attract pests. Store paper bags inside of a sealed container or plastic bag. Stacks of firewood provide a hidden home for pests, as well. Place them away from the entrance of your house. Keep your storage areas tidy and sealed to control pest infestations.

At-Home Supplies

These ingredients in your kitchen will surprise you when it comes to pest prevention. White vinegar will destroy the chemical trail that pests leave behind – so wipe or spray your counters with white vinegar to stop the scent trail that is bringing the pests, such as ants. Sprinkle cinnamon in any problem areas in or around your house, and pests will avoid the area. Use cucumber slices to keep out pests like ants, moths, mites, wasps and silverfish.

These DIY pest control remedies can be effective, but pests can be even more persistent. Hiring a Fresno pest control company will take care of this problem immediately. To live pest free and learn more about our pest control services, contact Dustin Pest Control today.

Written by Ryan

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