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Ant Deterring Plants For Your Home


Plants That Repel Ants

There are few greater frustrations than your house being invaded by ants. From big to small, there is always one that sneaks its way in. And where there’s one, there’s likely many. While your initial instinct would be to call an exterminator, you might want to first consider some natural remedies. Several plants take the medal stand in terms of repelling ants. With that being said, you might want to take a trip to your local gardening store to seek out these anti-ant plants.


We know that mint can spice up your food or drink, right? It also has the power to prevent ants from entering your designated space. The vibrant scent of mint can not only repel ants but distract them from the odor that attracted them to begin with.


Marigolds are a lively, energetic plant that can stop ants from wreaking havoc on your yard. A helpful tip to keep in your back pocket when you’re marigold shopping is to choose a scented batch. Similar to mint, Marigolds possess a special scent that deters ants.


These pink and yellow flowers are a prime example of natural pest control. Chrysanthemums naturally produce a chemical that is found in insect repellants. A few chrysanthemums can save you time and money!


While lavender is quite appealing to humans, ants don’t seem to have the same perspective. This plant produces a scent so strong that ants cannot physically stand it. Our favorite purple flower can additionally be converted into an essential oil. Yes, that repels ants too!

Natural pest control provides a safe alternative to pesticides. Ants, insects and other pests can be free of your home one plant at a time. But if you need a professional’s help, Dustin Pest Control is always there for you!

Written by Denise

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