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5 Facts About Deterring Raccoons


Raccoons may look harmless and cute, right until they ruin your roofs, landscape and trash cans. These critters have no remorse, so here’s how to rid your home of raccoons.

Cayenne Pepper

The use of a strong taste repellent has been proven to be a useful tool to keep raccoons away. Mix a bottle of cayenne pepper and a gallon of water with a dash of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture around any area of the animal’s interest. (This can be cumbersome with rainfall, which will wash away the repellent.) This method has to be applied often, so the pest removal will take a while.


Odor repellents, like ammonia, are easy to apply and to find in a grocery store. Try soaking rags, spraying ammonia around areas you want to protect, splashing ammonia around the inside of a trashcan or around the ground where the raccoons gather. Ammonia can be harmful not only to raccoons but to humans, as well – so be careful with how you apply it.

Protect your property

Keeping your doors closed will help you with raccoon pest control. Start by sealing off your trash can with hooked bungee cords to keep the lid tightly closed from their reach. Always have your doors sealed and closed so they cannot enter – even your garage door. Practice closing doors and garages as soon as you are in your home. Raccoons may seem small minded, but they have a way to get in anywhere they find an opening.

Keep Clean

Try keeping your garbage can as tidy as possible, making sure that food and trash are kept within the trashcan rather than left around it. If you have feeders, be sure to bring them inside during the night time. Keeping your yard tidy, like trimming overgrown hedges and brush, will also be useful in that the critters will no longer have a place to hide.

Call Us

The last step is to call a professional to take care of the problem. To ensure that your home is completely rid of raccoons, call Dustin Pest Control, the most trusted Fresno pest control company.

Written by Ryan

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