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4 Pests That Become More Active in the Fall


There are a number of pests that become more active with the changing seasons. Here is a list of the ones you will probably see a lot more often this fall due to the drop in temperatures – and a few at-home ways to avoid infestations.


Wasps and other stinging insects become more active in the fall because they are preparing their hives for the winter. Fall is also the season that the wasp populations are the largest, so more are out on the hunt for food sources. Keep a lookout for nests around woodpiles, and remove them as soon as you spot one to keep the swarms from growing.


Since it’s cooler out, rats and mice are looking for a warm place to nest indoors. They can fit into extremely small places, so be sure to look around your home and backyard for any open windows or cracks in the base of your house. They will be looking for food, and they also reproduce very quickly. Be sure to keep the bushes and vegetation surrounding your home trimmed as well, as these are their favorite hiding places.


Roaches are looking for easy ways to get to food, shelter and water during this season. The kitchen is the most common place you will come across them, so be sure to vacuum and sweep often – and never leave food or drinks out for too long.


Like cockroaches, ants are looking to stockpile their food supply before winter. They will search in and out for a way to get inside your home, so be sure to seal any drafts and keep anywhere you have food or snacks clean. Ants are hard to get rid of and, even when you think they’re gone for good, they seem to always come back. Contact a professional if you’re having issues removing them.

Fall is an incredible time of year, and nobody wants to deal with the inconvenience of pests in your home. If any of these critters are giving you trouble this season, contact Dustin Pest Control to do the dirty work done by some of the most experienced professionals in Fresno!

Written by Ryan

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