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4 Pests That Love Water


Rainfall, changing temperatures and leaky appliances are all inevitable, but a pest infestation doesn’t have to be! Some of the biggest pests here in Fresno are bugs that love water. Take a look to help educate yourself about pest control and possibly prevent a future invasion.


Mosquitos can easily transmit and carry disease like West Nile Fever, Dengue Fever and, with rising concern, Zika. These tiny, flying pests are ones to keep yourself concerned with and actively prevent. Mosquitos depend on water to reproduce – they lay their larva in and around standing water. Gutters, empty buckets/flower pots and even puddles are all perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. Frequently check for leaks and dump standing water to help avoid a mosquito problem.


Cockroaches are impressive creatures, but not one you necessarily want to share your home with. Cockroaches tend to hide in dark, moist areas like under sinks and water closets as they look for food and water. While sealing food is one preventative measure to keep cockroaches from becoming unwanted guests, water leaks are more likely to cause a problem. If you see one cockroach, there’s a good bet there are more in hiding. So you should act as quickly as possible.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants may be tiny but can cause significant problems fast. A humid home or clogged gutters are a welcoming call to a miniature army of ants. While you might not find this pest inside your home, the outside of your house may be under attack. Carpenter ants prefer to nest in soft and dead wood, making the space under your house or voids around water appliances prime real estate. Take precautionary measures inside by sealing cracks and openings.


Termites are one of the most dangerous pest infestations for your home. Much like carpenter ants, termites commonly prefer to colonize in moist structures. Water-damaged wood is a starting point for these bugs to enter your home. Professional help is often needed for this type of pest control, but quickly repairing leaks and checking for damage in vulnerable areas often can help prevent or stop a termite problem.

All these water-loving Fresno bugs are common pests in the area – so Dustin Pest Control has plenty of experience in tackling these problems. Keep these four critters in mind to help keep your home pest free!

Written by Denise

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