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4 Holidays and Events Inspired by Pests


Rats, termites, flying ants, mosquitoes – they’re all pests! But did you know that each one of them has their very own holiday/event? It’s true! Follow along and learn all about these pests and their holidays below.

1. World Rat Day

Every April 4th, rats are given their own holiday to be appreciated as a pet and companion. So on April 4th, be sure to lay out a piece of cheese for these furry little fellows, as they don’t seem to get much love for every other day out of the year.

2. Termite Awareness Week

The week of March 12th is Termite Awareness Week, as created by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). The idea behind this event is exactly as it sounds – to increase awareness of termites! The NPMA suggests posting some termite-related content in your social media during this week.

3. Flying Ant Day

While there is not an exact date for Flying Ant Day, the day is usually in July. When the weather is hot and humid, male and female ants sprout their wings to venture out in what is known as a “nuptial flight”. This is a special time for the reproduction of the ant species, so look out for flying ants!

4. World Mosquito Day

Lastly, we have World Mosquito Day, which is every 20th day of August. It dates all the way back to a historic discovery back in 1897 when Sir Ronald Ross found out mosquitoes can deliver the infamous disease, malaria, to humans. Yikes! Be sure to wear extra bug spray!

We hope you found this article informative, and remember – if you ever have any issues with pests, be sure to contact Dustin Pest Control. We will be more than happy to be at your service!

Written by Denise

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