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4 Facts About Pests and Pest Control


Bed bugs, rats and fleas. Oh my! While bugs and other insects represent over 90% of all living things on Earth, these pests transmit diseases including West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease and malaria. Common household bugs might seem harmless, but keep in mind – your local pest removal service can help if matters get out of hand. Unwanted critters are a serious matter and so is the extermination process of pest removal. But here’s a look at four facts about pests and pest control.

Bed bugs

Early exterminators in the late 1800s thought beds made from sassafras wood would repel bed bugs. These old-fashioned exterminators also immersed the crevices of beds with boiling water, arsenic and sulfur to help prevent infestations.


If you’re having rodent issues, exterminators strategically place lured snap traps around your home and come back to check the traps and safely dispose of any pests. They also utilize sanitizers, misting machines, vacuums and physically removal nests and other infested materials.


Flea infestations can occur even after someone has moved out of an apartment or home. It’s important to keep in mind that other pests, like raccoons and opossums, can be responsible for introducing these bugs into your backyard where your dog or cat might encounter them.


These eight-legged creatures are symbols of good luck. While you might not feel so lucky after walking into a web, the Chinese view spiders as a good omen. Consider yourself lucky before you call your exterminator to get rid of them.

While learning about pests is fun, finding them in your home is not. Pest removal is a serious matter and should be handled by the pros. If you find bed bugs, rats, fleas or spiders in your home, make sure you contact your local pest control company to schedule a pest inspection.

Written by Denise

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